Why is Chat GPT at capacity?

If you have tried to use Chat GPT as of late, you may have noticed this error message: “ChatGPT is at capacity right now”. It is really frustrating but why is Chat GPT at capacity?

Chat GPT is a viral online language model, created by OpenAI. It provides a conversational experience, that is very human-like. You can literally ask Chat GPT anything. The AI even has the ability to write essays, solve coding problems, perform language translations and so much more.

At the moment, you can use the chatbot for free on the OpenAI website. However, as the popularity of the AI model has increased, so too has the number of users trying to access the OpenAI website. As a result, this leads to occasional capacity issues for Chat GPT.

What is Chat GPT at capacity now?

So what does Chat GPT at capacity even mean? As the error message suggests, Chat GPT at capacity usually means that there are too many users trying to access the service at the same time – more than the servers can handle.

This typically happens when Chat GPT is experiencing a really high volume of traffic or there is a problem with OpenAI’s servers. When you get this error message, it means that Chat GPT is temporarily not accepting any new users and you will not be able to use the AI language model.

This error message could go on for some time. Some users on Reddit have even reported being locked out for days. However, since the issue is server-related there is not a huge amount we can do. Although, there are various methods you could try to increase your chances of being the lucky few that get let in.

How to fix Chat GPT at capacity

You have a few options when it comes to fixing Chat GPT’s capacity error:


The first and easiest one is to wait. Over time Chat GPT’s traffic could decrease, eventually resulting in enough space for you to join the server. Demand Sage tried this method out and found that after twenty minutes, they could access Chat GPT.




Another option is to refresh your browser. This method involves sending a new request to OpenAI’s server which may increase your chances of being let in.



Use a VPN

Alternatively, you could try using a VPN. Many users suggest that your current location could be the source of the problem. Simply, activate your VPN before trying to access Chat GPT again, and hopefully, the error message has disappeared.

How long is Chat GPT wait?

From our experience wait times could be as little as a couple of minutes. However, some Reddit users have reported waiting days. As of late, Chat GPT has seemed to be letting people use the service pretty quickly. So, hopefully, your wait time should not be too painfully long.

Guaranteed access when Chat GPT is at capacity

Finally, should price not be an issue, you could sign up for the Chat GPT Professional plan. This option does cost $42 per month, but it comes with benefits including allowing you access even with Chat GPT at capacity. The Professional Plan gets you:

  • Available even when demand is high – this will allow you in even when the service is at capacity
  • Faster response speed
  • Priority access to new features

At the end of the day, Chat GPT’s capacity error is purely down to too many people trying to access the service. If you want to avoid this error at all costs, the simplest way is to avoid using the service at peak times.

Alternatively, OpenAI offers the option to get a notification when the service is running again. To signup for this, simply click the “get notified when we’re back” option which appears under the capacity error message.

Final Thoughts

Chat GPT has become a viral phenomenon – and it is no surprise. The online AI chatbot has blown the minds of the public and it seems that everyone is trying to check it out. As a result, Chat GPT servers have been struggling to handle all their user’s requests. Resulting in some people being temporarily blocked from using the service.

We have shown you a few options to fix this problem, which we hope have been useful. If you are looking to learn more about Chat GPT, be sure to read another article here.

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