Is Chat GPT free?


You may have already heard of Chat GPT. It is an online AI chatbot released by OpenAI near the end of last year. Those looking to take advantage of this software, may be wondering: Is Chat GPT free?

We can safely say that Chat GPT is a viral sensation. If artificial intelligence does not freak you out, we highly recommend trying out this model. Chat GPT works by opening a question-and-answer style human dialogue between you and the AI. Allowing you to ask it pretty much anything your heart desires.

The AI even has the ability to solve coding problems, write well-constructed essays and if you’re feeling it, even discuss philosophical issues around AI itself.

As it currently stands, you can use the Chat GPT chatbot for free straight from OpenAI’s website. OpenAI has stated that Chat GPT is in its feedback stage. The company’s strategy is probably to make this service free to get as many people to use their bot. And what’s the benefit to them?

Well, they are most likely using our interactions with the AI to improve the service and gather more data on how humans communicate, to fine-tune the model even further. It is unlikely to stay free forever though, and OpenAI has even released paid plans a few days ago.

OpenAI has released a paid professional plan, costing $42 per month. The paid option gives similar access to the free plan. However, you gain the added benefits of priority access over free users, faster response times, and availability when demand is high. This may be particularly attractive to you, if you have been experiencing the Chat GPT capacity error, as of late.

The company has also announced a GPT Plus subscription model, which offers guaranteed and unfettered access but without priority access to new features of the Professional option.

If you are looking to access OpenAI’s models in a commercial sense this does come at a cost too. This can be done by using OpenAI’s API. We will break down all of the information below as it gets a bit more complicated.


The OpenAI API (Application Programming Interface) is a tool for developers who want to make the most of OpenAI’s language models- including but not exclusive to Chat GPT. It is a paid service, although OpenAI has made it free for those looking to use it for non-commercial and educational purposes.

The API pretty much allows you to input text to receive generated responses to tasks such as question answering and text summarization. If you are a developer who is looking to get your hands dirty, you can even access OpenAI’s pre-trained models on GitHub. Where you can modify the models for free and fine-tune them using your own data.

To find out which models are available, their pricing information, and how it works head to OpenAI’s site for more details.

Will Chat GPT remain free?

Despite the recent release of the professional subscription plan, it seems that Chat GPT will remain free – for now anyway. However, OpenAI does not make any promises about keeping this up for the future.

At the moment, the Chat GPT website doesn’t feature any ads, so it seems that OpenAI will need to monetize the platform in some shape or form. Considering that the AI model is also in its feedback phase, it is highly likely that they will charge for the official version once it is released.

What is GPT in Chat GPT?

The GPT in Chat GPT stands for Generative Pre-training Transformer. It is a type of neural network structure often used for natural language processing tasks for example text generation. We can actually break down each part of the name into three sections.

As the name suggests, Generative refers to the fact that the model can generate text. Pre-training on the other hand relates to the fact that the model is trained on massive amounts of data. The reason for this is to make the AI learn general patterns and features of everyday text and conversations. Which is why the bot is so human-like when you talk to it.

Lastly, Transformer. This specifically refers to the architecture of the AI model. Google researchers developed this architecture in 2017 and it has since become very popular in the natural language processing world. In short, it pretty much means that Chat GPT can handle both long and short requests and can also generate text of variable length depending on the prompt you give it.

Final thoughts

OpenAI currently offers Chat GPT for free on its website. If you are hoping to use OpenAI’s language models in a commercial sense, this does cost, however.

ChatGPT is a pretty wicked tool that is out on the internet right now. Considering it was only available at the end of November, it has rapidly blown up! So, if you are interested in what this model can do, head to OpenAI’s website and try it out for free.

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