Chat GPT Price – how much is OpenAI’s deep-learning model?


Chat GPT price queries have been persistent since the free-to-try OpenAI creation gained popularity. So how much is it?

Well, OpenAI seems to be working on a tiered answer. While there are no obvious plans to stop the Chat GPT model from being free to try, it seems that a professional plan is being rolled out.

Across the weekend of January 21-22, some visitors to OpenAI’s Chat GPT page spotted ‘professional plan’ pricing of $42 per month. The option is ocassionally shown to registered users of the application, and is not yet widely available.

Chat GPT Price – Professional plan

The $42 per month option, or something like it, was always going to arrive for users requiring professional access to Chat GPT. Price structures need benefits though, and the three key benefits offered by OpenAI will make access to the model easier and more efficient. Is it free still? Yes, but the new plan provides additional benefits.

Available even when demand is high

This avoids the notice seen by users attempting access during times of heavy load: “Chat GPT is at capacity right now. Get notified when we’re back”.

Constant access for professional users and researchers makes sense and cuts out the waiting around while Chat GPT writes its own poem about why it’s currently at capacity (this actually happened for us).

Faster response speed

Another benefit to be expected when paying for access to OpenAI’s chat model. Priority access is a key part of the new Chat GPT price plan.

Priority access to new features

What these new features may be is unknown until they arrive, but free access to Chat GPT will only allow regular model updates. But for anyone wanting to test the latest features first, the professional plan will offer that access.

An additional benefit is that the Professional Plan would give you access even if Chat GPT is at capacity!

Chat GPT Plus

Should $42 be too expensive though, there is another option that appears to be arriving. Chat GPT Plus was announced at the end of Janaury 2023, and will be priced at $20 per month.

The service would seem to offer the access and speed associated with the Chat GPT Professional option. But not the priority access to new features of that plan.

At the time of writing, this subscription model is not fully available: there’s a waiting list, and it will only launch in the US initially. To find out more, check out our Chat GPT Plus piece.

Chat GPT Price – final thoughts

At release, Chat GPT was completely free. And it still is if you want to try the model with potential limitations.

However, OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman, tweeted on December 5th “we will have to monetize it somehow at some point; the compute costs are eye-watering”. That’s proven to be true as the professional and plus plans roll out.

It’s not impossible that there will be additional pricing changes going forward either. As popular and innovative as Chat GPT is, price is always a consideration. OpenAI needs to balance costs and availability with discoverability and access for those keen to test.

We’ll keep an eye on the Chat GPT price going forward, and a lot of other interesting areas the engine and Chat GPT playground make available for discussion. 

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