Open Frame PC Case Launches with Monitor Mounting

 High-tech style with ultimate simplicity.

We all want our PC rigs to look as clean as possible, but even the cleanest builds are not exactly straightforward regarding cable management and assembly. Furthermore, such machines are sometimes not easy to service. These are probably the thoughts of Nagao's engineers, who developed their N-Frame open-air chassis that combines simplicity, relative cleanness, serviceability, and even a mounting bracket for a display. It is the industry's first open-frame chassis for an all-in-one PC.

Nagao Seisakusho is an open-frame chassis specialist from Japan that has open-air chassis for various motherboard form factors and use cases. Nagao's latest development is its N-Frame-OP01 monitor mounting bracket(opens in new tab) (via momomo_us(opens in new tab)) that combines with one of its N-Frame open air chassis for ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX motherboards and essentially builds an open frame all-in-one PC. The monitor bracket has 75x75 and 100x100 VESA mounting holes, whereas the N-Frame PC chassis have a handle, which means that one can build a LAN party frag 'box' using Nagao's chassis.

Such a LAN party frag 'box' will probably not be the most compact. Still, it will undoubtedly look awe-inspiring, be easily serviceable, and have no airflow problems. In addition, the case will support all graphics cards regardless of their dimensions or how much heat they generate. Of course, graphics card compatibility will depend on the power supply used. Still, since it supports a variety of PSUs, the chassis can work with all graphics boards available today.

Another factor to consider is the weight balance between the system and the display, and this challenge might be pretty puzzling because you never know the exact weight of desktop components.

Products from Nagao are available from select retailers in Japan. Those interested in buying the company's open frame chassis can do it.

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