Intel has announced the launch of its Optane SSD 900P Series of performance SSD that are built from the ground up for desktop, workstation purposes. The announcement of the same took place at the CitizenCon, Star Citizen community meet in Frankfurt Germany.

Intel Optane SSD 900P Series half-height half-length add-in card, available in 480 GB and 280 GB capacities. Image credit: Intel Corporation

The Intel Optane SSD 900P Series SSDs will be available in 280 GB and 480 GB models. The 280 GB models start from $389, while the 480 GB units will be available from $599.

Diving straight into the features, the new 900P series of SSD have been designed to deliver low latency with Intel's Optane technology.

Optane has been used for the first time on a client SSD. Intel states that the new SSD has been built keeping in mind the performance and endurance needs of a workstation. Intel in its release said that its SSDs deliver up to 22 times more endurance compared to other drives currently available.

The chipmaker claims that its new series of Optane enabled SSDs feature low queue depth, up to four times faster than competitive NAND-based SSDs. So apart from the usual demanding workloads of 3D rendering and complex simulations, Optane will now also cater to gamers delivering faster load times and more.

Intel Optane SSD 900P Series 2.5-inch U.2, available in 280 GB capacity. Image credit: Intel Corporation

“The Intel Optane SSD 900P Series brings the workstation-class performance and industry-leading endurance of Intel Optane technology to a client SSD for the first time, and we know end users will find exciting ways to take advantage of the drive to do great things,” says Bill Leszinske, Intel vice president, Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group, and director of strategic planning, marketing and business development.

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