Best voice changers for Discord: Easy ways to change your voice

(Pocket-lint) - If you play games with your friends then chances are you use Discord to talk to them. Discord is a great service for staying in touch, chatting in real-time with your pals and generally having a good time while gaming. 

There are ways to make it even better though and one of those is voice changers. Discord voice changers can add various effects to your voice while you're chatting and provide some extra hilarity for your gaming sessions or even your live streams.

Improving your microphone audio

If you're just looking to improve the audio from your microphone, rather than change it, then there are options. If your friends are complaining about background noise or problems with your mic audio then you can use tools like Nvidia Broadcast to improve the quality of your microphone sound. 

Though Nvidia Broadcast doesn't change your voice, as such, it does help clean up your sound and it's a great way to use hardware to improve your Discord sound. 

Best voice changers for Discord


Voicemod is likely the most well-known voice-altering software. If you've ever heard your favourite streamer playing around with using effects on their audio then it was likely using Voicemod. 

This is a free tool that you can easily download and install and then apply to your standard microphone setup to change your voice in various ways. There are a number of different effects available and you can even create your own. 

If you're a streamer you'll also be pleased to read that Voicemod works with Elgato's Stream Deck as well. Voicemod is constantly improving and in June 2022 it launched Voicemod AI Voices in beta which adds in some impressive voice effects including one that makes you sound like Morgan Freeman. 

Voicemod is our recommendation for the best voice changer for Discord, but there are other options too.


If you're looking for a free voice changer, then Clownfish is another great option. This software works with all sorts of apps to change your voice because it's applied at the system level so can work with any application that uses your microphone. That obviously includes Discord. 

It has a simple (fairly basic looking) interface but lets you easily change from a variety of different voice effects including everything from aliens to robots, email pitches and more. 

It doesn't have as many options as some of the other voice changers, but it's also free and doesn't require any sort of sign-up to get started using it. 

iMyFone MagicMic

iMyFone MagicMic is another interesting option for changing your mic on Discord. It has a much slicker interface and offers hundreds of different effects to choose from. You can use over 100 voice filters in real-time and also get access to a fun soundboard too. 

This one does require a fee if you want to make the most of it, but you can try it for free too. 

Are voice changers illegal?

If you're thinking about changing your voice then you might be worried about the legalities. Voice changers are perfectly legal to use as long as you are not using them for harmful means. 

Voice changers should not be used to bully, harass or threaten other people whether on Discord or another platform. 

If you're using them for good clean fun or just to create content, then you should be fine. 

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