Best 10 Smallest Mini ITX Cases For A Compact Space

Smallest Mini ITX cases are the safest choice, especially when starting out in the PC build world. You don’t have to bust a bank to build one.

They do not take massive space in your work area and are easily portable compared to an ATX case.

However, it does come with some limitations. You must compromise some hardware compatibilities (e.g., Many mini-itx cases have no graphics card slot). But, with the right components and right smallest mini-ITX cases, you will build a budget-friendly PC of your dream.

Drum roll… Here are the best smallest Mini-ITX cases to buy in 2022.

SilverStone Raven Z – Best Portable

When it comes to beauty and performance, nothing beats the SilverStone Raven Z. It comes with a matte black finish and aggressive slide plastic panels. Raven Z is one of the slimmest and most compact Mini-ITX cases in the market. The front of the system features a unique cutout design with RGB shining through it. At the bottom, front i/o port is placed utilizing the tight space.

The cooling and airflow performance is quite impressive. It has all it takes to support a 4K gaming rig while keeping things compact and cool. The top and bottom of the case have small ventilation for exhaust overflow. More prominent ventilation is found at the side as a cooler to the fan.

Thermaltake Core V1 – Best Mini-ITX case for airflow

One of the significant challenges with Mini-ITX cases is the minimal airflow they offer. This often proves inimical to costly PC components, especially the graphics card. But that doesn’t happen when you buy a compact case with excellent airflow and cooling like the Thermaltake Core V1.

This mini-itx cube case gives superb airflow because of the 200mm fan included and the perforated structure to allow hot air to move out while cool air come in. It also has a couple of 80mm rear fans – which we must warn, can get a little noisy when functioning simultaneously.

Despite all these features, this Core V1 comes at an affordable price tag, with a little over $50, and you can own one.

We can’t conclude without talking about the impressive design of this Thermaltake case. You can get it in two colors – black or white. It has a curvy finish, solid four-foot base, and sports a dual modular rack design. Added to the chamber cooling, the I/O panel is easily adjustable.

To give you peace of mind, Thermaltake offers a three-year warranty on this Mini-ITX case.

NZXT H210i – High End

H210i is the descendant white mini-itx case of NZXT’s bestselling H series. Made with SGCC Steel, it is widely famous for its robust exterior and modern design. The i series, as usual, features CAM powered smart device to control your RGB light and fan speed.

Because of the impressive cooling ability, they usually incorporate into their cases, NZXT is generally highly sought after – irrespective of the price. The NZXT H210i isn’t any different.
If you know the NZXT H710i, you can almost guess what to expect with this build. Apart from the small form factor, it packs all the cool features we saw in the H700i.

Another exciting feature of this case is that it gives the user enough room for expansion – for the eventuality of growing PC components.
There is a tempered glass at the back. And you get excellent support for water cooling.

Cooler Master RC-130 Elite – Best Budget

This was one of the first Mini-ITX cases that hit the market in the early 2000s. It is only making an entry into a 2022 list because it’s been thoroughly improved to compete against some of the best Mini-ITX today.

This is built to help you carry some serious PC components. However, the design still looks at study and a bit old school. Nevertheless, the Cooler Master RC-130 Elite still delivers in terms of performance and compactness.

If you’re looking for a build with good airflow, you’ll like the Cooler Master RC-130 Elite. The design comes with a mesh front panel – with rectangular holes around it that allow cool air to quickly move in while hot air moves out of the system. The only problem is that it doesn’t have dust filters, so your case has to be cleaned regularly or get really dusty quickly.

Because it has a lot of room inside, it can accommodate both blower-style and full-length graphics cards. You can even mount an additional 80mm fan on the top for more air.

Corsair Crystal 280X RGB

Did you just raise an eyebrow? Well, this Corsair case is big enough to accommodate Micro-ATX sized motherboards and GPUs and of course Mini-ITX boards. Still, you can’t say no to more room right? That’s exactly what the Corsair Crystal 280X offers.

With three tempered glass panels that let us see inside your chassis,it has an adorable design. The Corsair Crystal 280X is actually the largest among the smallest mini-ITX cases we reviewed, which explains the room space it flaunts.

It offers PSU filtering, with room for water-cooling if you want, given it has a dual chamber layout. And of course, it comes handy for superb cable management.

You also get a couple of pre-installed addressable RGB fans with a lighting node Pro controller. This can be governed with Corsair iCUE software.

Lian Li TU150 – Best Overall

Lian Li TU150 is the best small mini-itx case of 2022. For an ITX case, it gives an impressive airflow without compromising its size (Neither too big, nor too compact.) It is covered with 1.5mm brushed aluminum panels giving it a perfect metallic aesthetics. The side panel has 3mm tempered glass and is easy to disassemble with clippable edges.

Weighing 11.58 lbs, it is extremely portable with a retractable handle. The front panel has angular sides featuring adequate ventilation to allow air intake. The side panel also gives room for ventilation on PSU located at the top.

Beyond the impressive design, you can only get good airflow because it has a mounting capability of up to four fans. Despite its small stature, the Lian Li TU150 still flaunts Dual fan configuration.

InWin A1 Plus – Smallest Mini-ITX Case

Before we talk performance, the first thing that greets the eye with In Win cases is the lavish design. The white/black colored exterior makes it even more endearing. That’s exactly what we saw with the In Win A1 Plus.

The A1 Plus has some other attractive features beyond its flamboyant design and how compact it is. Have a quick look. It features a tinted tempered glass on the side panel with protruded nobs for easy access to the insides.
A1 Plus is an upgrade to InWin A1 with RGB fans and some hardware ascents.

In this Mini-ITX case, you get a pre-installed PSU with two GPU connectors. This makes it an excellent choice in terms of cable management.
Plus the 650W power supply, which should be enough to fire up a modest gaming rig.
The last key feature we mentioned is the Qi wireless charging. This cool charging station doesn’t just charge your mobile phones wirelessly – it gets charged up even when your PC is off.

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